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If your computer is Happy, you are Happy!



Griffith Computing provides IT Consulting, Computer Repair / Upgrade, Virus Removal, Backup and Redundancy services, Network, Server, Router, Switch, Firewall, Wiring, and 'Set up your own DBA Sole Proprietorship computer business' services.  We also setup and configure SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards and Classroom Computer Labs.  Are you in need of services such as these?  If you are, Griffith Computing is your ANSWER.


bullet Motherboard / Logic Board replacements on laptops and desktops
bullet Mac Repairs, upgrades, internal hardware replacements
bullet Network / Firewall setup, configuration and maintenance
bullet Server setup, configuration and maintenance
bullet Redundancy and Backups
bullet Switch / Router (wired & wireless) setup, configuration and maintenance
bullet Wireless Access Points (WAP)
bullet Internet Cameras (wired & wireless) with remote access
bullet Wiring (CAT 6e, 6, 5e, 5)


bulletSMART Board Interactive Whiteboards: setup, configuration and maintenance
bulletPresentation services for schools, business conferences, or special events


bullet Classroom and Computer Lab setup, configuration and maintenance


bullet Hardware repairs, upgrades, and installation; software installation and configuration
bullet Operating System upgrades and tune-ups

Wireless setup including SSID, WPA-3, WEP, and MAC address filtering for maximum security

bullet Data backup and ghosting service; driver update service
bullet Installation or upgrading of motherboard, hard drive, RAM memory chips, sound card, video card, fan, power supply, network card, etc.
bullet Installation or upgrading of PDA's including iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry, Palm Pilot, iPAQ Pocket PC, etc.

Installation or upgrading of printers, scanners, digital cameras, Compact Flash / Speed Compact Flash / SmartMedia / Memory Stick / Secure Digital / xD-Picture Card / Multimedia Card readers...


bullet Virus detection and removal; Virus software installation and configuration
bullet Detect and delete Spyware and adware; Registry cleaning
bullet Backup your important files and folders or make a complete image of your computer so you are prepared in the event of a hard drive crash or system failure
bullet Firewall installation and configuration (don't let somebody steal your identity)
bullet Internet / Instant Message monitoring system
bullet 'Pop-Up' Advertisement blocker and Email Spam Eliminator and Filter



bullet Speed up your computer and Internet surfing
bullet Delete temporary files that are slowing down and cluttering your computer
bullet Microsoft Critical Updates and Service Packs

Scan hard disk to prevent drive corruption and Defrag to optimize performance



bullet Complete business, education, and home computer system setup
bullet Internet setup (wireless or wired)



Remove dust from motherboard, power supply, CPU fan, etc. to prevent electrical malfunction and hardware burnout.  This will significantly extend the life of your computer.


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